Stana Katic Net Worth Annual Income, Monthly Income, Weekly Income, and Daily Income

Stana Katic CelebFinancialWealth_ComStana Katic is really a Canadian-American movie and television actress. She was born on April 26, 1978 in Hamilton, Canada. The daughter of Peter Katić and Rada Katić, she’s the wife of Kris Brkljac. In one of the woman interviews, she confirmed that her moms and dads are Serbs. “My moms and dads are Serbs from Croatia,” she stated. “I call us Dalmatian because that’s the part of the earth we are originally from. I’ve Serb, Croat and also a handful of Montenegrin household members.” She showed up on screen being an actress the very first time in year 1999, portraying an important part regarding the film Acid Freaks. In 2003, she lit the big screen once again whenever she ended up being employed to portray a job regarding the movie Shut-Eye. Her tv appearances were only available in the year 2004 when she was cast within an bout of it series The Handler, playing the role Mariella. In 2006, she ended up being additionally featured on 24, portraying the role Collette Stenger. Presently, she appears on the television show Castle, acting as Detective/Captain Kate Beckett.

Income Statistics for 2015

Net Worth: USD 2,000,000.00

Annual Income: USD 1,000,000.00

Monthly Income: USD 83,333.33

Weekly Income: USD 19,230.77

Daily Income: USD 2,739.72

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