Russell Peters Financial Wealth Annual Income, Monthly Income, Weekly Income, and Daily Income

Russell Peters - CelebFinancialWealth_ComRussell Peters is really a Canadian actor, and comedian who’ve a net worth of $16 Million. Russell Dominic Peters was created on 29th September 1970 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Peters start performing as comedian in 1989, and sets several documents regarding audience attendance.  In 2007, Russell Peters become the very first comedian who out of stock the Air Canada Centre of Toronto. In 2009, he created a sales record in the London, England. He additionally made the record in Australia for going to the largest amount of people in any standing comedy show this year. He started as being a local comedian in Toronto, but quickly he recognition all over the globe. Russell Peters performed in lots of nations worldwide, including united states of america, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Asia, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia. He also released a DVD about his comedy shows utilizing the title Outsourced. Based on the Forbes magazine, Russell Peters is one of the leading comedians worldwide in term of annual profits. Peters dated with famous American actress Sunny Leone in 2008, and he married to Monica Diaz in August 2010. In 2013, Russell Peters has won a total of $21 Million.                                      


Income Statistics for 2013

Annual Income: USD 21,000,000.00

Monthly Income: USD 1,750,000.00

Weekly Income: USD 404,000.00

Daily Income: USD 57,000.00

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