Reese Witherspoon grabs Jennifer Aniston’s buns at the Oscars

Karma certainly comes therefore quickly to those that deserve it. Such conjecture had been proven to be true during the 87th Annual Academy Awards held at L.A.’s Dolby Theatre, Feb 22nd. Famous butt grabber Jennifer Aniston was butt-grabbed during the woman red carpet meeting!  Who’s the culprit?  Her pal Reese Witherspoon. Things just occurred so fast. Let’s let you know about the whole lot

Therefore, Ryan Seacrest was interviewing the ‘Cake’ actress when Witherspoon passed by her and sneakily squeezed her sexy ass. Ha!  “Oh, oh!  Hi, honey!”  Aniston said in utter shock.  The host then went on to explain just what transpired, saying, “There had been a grab. There was clearly a grab. Right here we have been in a serious moment, and I also saw a grab,” Seacrest reported. To show that she’s maybe not usually the one who grabbed, Jen straight away raised both her fingers, and declared, “I didn’t get it done!”

In the event that you may remember, JenAn  squeezed Kate Hudson’s buns at the Golden Globes earlier this present year. Let’s state that just what took place to Justin Theroux’s fiancée during the Oscars ended up being some obvious kind of karma. You butt-grab one person, expect exactly the same nasty thing to happen to you, too.

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