Neil Patrick Harris is the best name flub-er in town!

We’re certainly not certain that those mistakes had been intentionally done to produce their web hosting stint on Oscars last Feb. 22nd plenty funnier, but man did Neil Patrick Harris butcher the names of a range celebrities throughout the show!  He simply outdid John Tarvolta’s “Adele Nazeem” (Idina Menzel’s butchered name)!

The 1st flub transpired while introducing presenters Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Definitely, Harris completely pronounced the actress’s moniker, nevertheless when it’s time for him to phone out of the second… simply utter mess. “Chitiwel Ejiofor” was exactly what he stated instead. Immediately after, the ‘How we Met Your Mother’ alum constructed for his blunder during a skit. “i shall deliberately mispronounce Chiwetel Ejiofor’s title to bring general public awareness towards the appropriate pronunciation of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name,” he stated.

Additionally, he mispronounced Margot Robbie’s name by saying “Row-bee”. NPH, that which was occurring for your requirements that time?  Moreover, Neil massacred David Oyelowo’s title for several times!  In an interview following the show, the ‘Selma’ star indicated his frustration over NPH’s slip up. “He butchered it. I even had Brad Pitt singing my name throughout YouTube. He had been friendly to me backstage so I don’t understand why he’d accomplish that,” he said.

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