Madonna on why she had to fall at the Brit Awards

The Queen of Pop’s autumn at 2015 Brit Awards has become something the world wouldn’t ever forget for as long as it exists. Madonna ended up being doing her latest single ‘Living for Love’ when she plummeted down oh therefore painfully we’re wishing all ended up being merely a nightmare. In her present interview with ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, she unveiled all that which we surely got to know about the mishap.

“I had some whiplash, we smacked the rear of my head. And I also possessed a man standing over me personally by having a flashlight until about 3 a.m. to make sure I became compos mentis. It in fact was a nightmare. We really created a horror show for everyone,” Madonna said.

“I happened to be told to connect my cape and start a great deal further right back and I also had to walk further, and individuals were concerned my cape would slide off, so that they tied it really tight around my throat. I eventually got to the top the stairs and I pulled the silky sequence, also it wouldn’t come undone…I had two choices: i really could either be strangled or fall, and I also made a decision to fall,” the 56-year-old pop legend narrated. What’s crucial is that she’s okay now.

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