Lolo Jones: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ isn’t love but torture!

Olympian Lolo Jones cannot and will probably never ever obtain the hang of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. In a current meeting with ‘Us Weekly’ she fearlessly indicated her abhorrence towards the controversial BDSM-themed piece. She’s a great deal concerned with just how this phenomenon would influence the youth’s perspective of love and sex!

“That made me personally therefore unfortunate, to think about high schoolers planning to see this film. For me in my religion, Jesus will not wish intercourse in this way. Particularly with younger people, they’re experiencing their very first experience with intercourse. And films are particularly motivating,” Jones stated. “we don’t desire individuals to think here is the version of love, or this is in any way acceptable…This film isn’t likely to show how women must certanly be treated. Guys ought to be men,” she added.

Lolo confessed that she didn’t push through with her plan of reading the ‘FSOG’ show with this extremely explanation: “It didn’t really resonate with me well. It appeared like the guide produced division between women and their husbands. Every laugh ended up being about a girl being secluded in an area and being ‘tortured.’” “For me, whose mom had been domestically abused, that’s not a thing I could stand for,” she further explained.

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