Kate Middleton releases PSA in support of UK’s very 1st Children’s Mental Health Week

In honor of the initial Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK, Kate Middleton expounds regarding the significance of the said matter through a recently released PSA. “Both William and I have experienced that many young adults are struggling to deal with the impact of bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown and much more. Without support, the results of these challenges may be traumatic, leading to serious problems including anxiety, despair, addiction, and self harm,” states the Duchess of Cambridge.

“A child’s psychological state is simply as important as their physical health and deserves similar quality of support. William and I also sincerely believe early action can avoid dilemmas in youth from turning into larger people later in life,” Prince William’s spouse adds.

“…The Duchess of Cambridge actually committed champion of dilemmas pertaining to children’s mental health and psychological well-being,” stated in a statement released by a Kensington Palace spokesperson. “The Duchess of Cambridge is very focused on very early intervention mental health help for teenagers, to tackle these problems at earliest feasible stage, in order that kiddies have the brightest feasible futures, while they deserve.”

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