Kanye West’s next album be like—‘So Help Me God’

In a Twitter post final March 1st, Kanye western finally unveiled the very tile of his next record album. Do you want?  It’s called ‘So Assist Me Personally God’. “New Album title…” he teased before finally exposing, “So Help me personally Jesus.” So, that’s it.

“Release dates are played down. So, the surprise is going to be a shock. There goes the surprise!” Kim Kardashian’s hubby recently unveiled during his interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’. What’s it all about, incidentally?  “Bars, cookout music that just feels like—my final record was a protest to music. This record album is adopting the songs, embracing joy, and being of solution to the people. I recently wish that people want it and enjoy it,” western stated.

He also confirmed throughout the convo that it would tackle issues just like the infamous Ferguson incident, which didn’t stay very well along with his concerned daddy. “Yeah, dad emailed me and stated remain from the jawhorse. Now, my dad is like one thousand % smarter than me personally and a thousand times more social than me. He like literally resided at a homeless shelter and he emailed me and explained to keep from it—that’s my only parent and so I need to pay attention to him sometimes… I think he had been simply attempting to be protective of their son. We can’t run in front of every bullet, you understand. I just can’t run in front of every bullet,” Kanye said.

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