Jimmy Kimmel will fight for child vaccination to death!

The man would never, ever renounce whatever he said he’d stand for—that he’s professional son or daughter vaccination. Nothing’s wrong with it, appropriate?  Now, here’s to those who say he’s being paid to advocate for such.

“Last week regarding show, I spoke about one thing I’ve been thinking about recently, which will be youth vaccinations. My child’s almost 8 months old and she got the woman booster shot today. I’ve are more alert to the fact some parents don’t have confidence in vaccinating their young ones, that is something which the overwhelming most of the medical community advises,” the host told people final March 2nd. “i acquired a small grouping of genuine physicians together to complete a public solution announcement urging parents to vaccinate, and wow did this earn some people mad,” he added.

To their haters, sorry but he’s perhaps not sorry. “Some of those individuals are demanding that i am sorry, which I obviously won’t do. Many of these groups are insisting that we present both sides of the argument, and I’m perhaps not gonna do this either well, for similar reason why I would personallyn’t current both sides if a group decided that pancakes allow you to be gay — they don’t and there’s no point in talking about it,” Jimmy reported.

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