Jared Leto cuts his long hair!

No, this is merely a fantasy. Yes, itsn’t. Jared Leto actually did cut his long tresses. We’re sort of unfortunate right now. But, you realize, it’s his locks. He could do just about anything about this. We, fans, juts don’t have say. Okay?  So, the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ star made understood their brand new haircut with an Instagram post last March 2nd. “we skip my beard currently,” Leto captioned the snap. Yeah, including their effing beard!

He appears a whole lot cleaner now, but we’re nevertheless searching that long locks and bushy beard of his. Upon publishing the snap, fans were quick expressing their frustration about Jared’s haircut choice. “Nooooooo oh noooooo,” stated one user. We feel you. “we saw him give a post-oscar interview where he said the bun must go soon. I was hoping he was joking,” said another. We feel you, too. “I’m devastated.”. Well, you’re perhaps not the only person who’s hurting.

Final Feb. 28th, the actor currently hinted about their cutting down his infamous locks. “Going going… #?” Jared captioned an image of him with his pretty long hair. Oh, those times.

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