Geena Davis Wealth Annual Income, Monthly Income, Weekly Income, and Daily Income

Geena Davis CelebFinancialWealth_ComGeena Davis is an US actress, producer, previous model, and journalist who’s got approximately current net worth of $38 Million. Virginia Elizabeth Davis better known as Geena Davis came to be on 21st July 1956 in Massachusetts, usa. She began the woman career as being a fashion model, as well as in 1982 she made her silver screen first whenever manager Sydney Pollack casted the lady in the movie Tootsie. In 1988, Geena Davis won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress on her role of Muriel Pritchett inside film The Accidental Tourist. The woman other unforgettable movies include The Fly, Beetiejuice, A League of Their very own, Thelma & Louise Stuart Little, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and world Girls are Easy. In 2000, she additionally starred in TV sitcom The Geena Davis Show. In 2001, Geena married to the Iranian cosmetic surgeon Raza Jarrahy, and this ended up being Gina’s 4th wedding.  Before that, she had been married to Richard Emmolo, Jeff Goldblum, and Renny Harlin. In 2013, Geena Davis has attained a complete income of $2 Million. .                



Income Statistics for 2013

Annual Income: USD 2,000,000.00

Monthly Income: USD 166,000.00

Weekly Income: USD 38,000.00

Daily Income: USD 5,500.00

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