Britney Spears and her hair extensions aren’t in good terms

Woman, you didn’t connect them correctly. Fire your glam team!  Nah. we’re simply playing. At the woman recent Las Vegas show dubbed ‘Piece of Me’, Britney Spears didn’t have nip slip or something like that, but her hair extensions possessed a small malfunction. Once we said, those fake strands weren’t glued because they should be. While performing the woman track ‘Do Something’, her blond tresses started dropping away from her head, making apparent the truth that she’s gotn’t yet grown the woman locks beautifully very long.

If you may recall, Spears opted for a bob cut September of a year ago. But, seldom do we come across her displaying the awesome haircut. Did she be sorry for carrying it out?  Whatever. So, as Britney B*tch continued her prod, the woman extensions gradually slid down until they reached the ground after some time. But, she appeared as if she didn’t brain. Why would she?  She nailed her performance. She’s an expert, and nothing could stop the lady from being one.

We’d be seeing many Britney in Las vegas as she’d recently inked a handle Planet Hollywood, meaning she’d be invading the Sin City along with her awesomeness till the year 2017.

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